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A Few Details about Amplifiers

To increase the power of the signal amplifier is used. These amplifiers are widely used in different types of audio equipment. They are also useful in broadcasting. Let us now check the categorization of amplifiers.

Categories of Amplifiers:

amplifier chassis

The categorisation is done into weak signal amplifiers and power amplifiers. The wireless receivers make use of the first type of amplifiers. These amplifiers can manage weak signals of just a few Nano volts. These amplifiers generate very little internal noise.They increase the signal voltage by a large amount. The weak signal amplifiers are highly sensitive.

Complex audio equipment and wireless transmitters make use of power amplifiers. Bipolar transistors, vacuum tubes etc make use of power amplifier.

Classification of Amplifiers and Their Applications:

The classification of amplifiers is as follows:

  • Input and output variable
  • Common terminal
  • Unilateral and bilateral
  • Inverting and Non-inverting
  • Interstage coupling method
  • Frequency range
  • In input and output variable either current or voltage is used. That is any one variable is used. Current amplifier, voltage amplifier, current controlled voltage source, voltage controlled current source are these types of amplifiers.
  • Common terminal belongs to the device terminal. This device terminal is common to input and output circuit.
  • In unilateral amplifiers the output exhibits no feedback in the input side. Whereas the bilateral amplifier makes use of feedback to connect the output back to the input.
  • In inverting and non-inverting the phase relation between the input and output signal is used.
  • In the case of interstage coupling the method of the signal is considered.

There are different classes of amplifiers. These are as follows:

  • Class A amplifier
  • Class B amplifier
  • Class C amplifier
  • Class D amplifier
  • Class AB amplifier
  • Class E amplifier
  • Class F amplifier
  • Class S amplifier
  • Class R amplifier

Class A is the most used class of amplifier. They have very little distortion.

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Different types of amplifiers are used in different applications. As you can see there are different categories and classes of amplifiers. It is important to opt for a company who is well versed with the different types of amplifiers and can manufacture the best quality chassis for the customer. The selected company must have the ability to complete the manufacturing of good quality chassis within the stipulated time and must be able to provide chassis as per the customer demand. Choose a company which is known for customer-centric approach and proven expertise in the field of chassis manufacturing.

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