June 19, 2024
Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile Marketing Strategy: A Prerequisite to Thrive

Ask yourself this simple question, when you purchase something online, do you shop on a smartphone or PC? As per the latest numbers, only in the United States, 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile in the last six months.

And the trend is pretty much the same worldwide. No longer do people prefer physical shopping, whether it’s home grocery or a fancy set of jewelry for an upcoming festival.

Our hectic schedules have made it difficult to go out to buy small things. And our go-to way of purchasing something is ordering online — mostly from mobile or tablet.

So, if you think of this as a business owner or a digital marketing agency creating a digital marketing strategy for personal business, mobile marketing is worth considering. You can’t expand your business and grow your customer base without it.

Here are some of the key benefits of investing in mobile marketing:

1.People are Hooked to Their Phones

On average, a mobile user spends 5 hours daily on his phone. This includes social media interaction, attending calls, playing games, and so forth. Some people even develop a weird habit of checking their phone after every few minutes.

This addiction brings a perfect opportunity for brands to interact with their prospect and pitch their products/services. With an effective marketing strategy, you can capture their attention, talk about their problem, and convince them that you have the solution.

Remember, this audience is prone to make decisions on a whim.

2.Mobile Marketing Means Broader Reach

It goes without saying that mobile offers a bigger reach than traditional marketing. Not everyone surfs websites. Not everyone knows about e-commerce.

Think about someone who has never been to school. He has no idea about e-commerce. But he owns a smartphone and knows how to use it. Billions of people all across the globe still live in rural areas where there’s limited or no internet.

The only way to reach this audience is via mobile marketing.

3.Mobile Advertisement is Cheap

One of the benefits of mobile advertising for small businesses is cost-effectiveness. You don’t need a huge budget to invest in mobile marketing. Take the example of traditional ad campaigns, you have to spend significantly on ad content.

This includes ad copy and visuals. Because of the bigger screen area, the content investment is greater as compared to ads designed specifically for mobiles.

Conversely, mobile screens are short and thus, short ad copy with an image suffices.

4.Top-Notch User Experience

People prefer smaller screens over monitors and LCDs. This is why mobile screens render them exactly the kind of user experience they prefer. It all comes down to your website’s or app’s design and navigability how long an average user is going to stay on them.

With a well-crafted design, you can put your products/services in front of your visitors. User-psychology should be the base of your UI and UX. If you are not getting visitors and conversions on your site, the flaw is in your strategy.

5. People Use Social Media on Their Mobiles

If you are an avid social media user, these statistics won’t come as a surprise to you. More than 90% of Facebook users use Facebook through the mobile app. The numbers are pretty much the same for Twitter users.

Instagram is almost 100% used on mobile while 80% of Pinterest’s traffic comes from mobiles. These numbers suggest you should focus on creating social media content for mobile users.

If you are creating Facebook posts, you should keep mobile users in mind. If you are creating Instagram banners, double-check them on your mobile. And the same goes for other social media platforms.

With the right content creation, you can enhance customer engagement for your business.

6.Higher Conversion Rate

Global statistics say smartphone traffic worldwide to retailers is at 56.2%, and only 34.5% for desktop. This is probably the biggest benefit of mobile marketing. You get more conversions than desktop.

When people are searching for something on mobile, they are more likely to click on the ‘add to cart’ button. The thing is, these are the people always on the go and who rely on online shopping.

So, with an intelligent mobile marketing strategy, you can capitalize on this opportunity.

7.SMS Have Higher Open Rates

Can you ignore SMS? No, you can’t. People may leave their emails unopened and send them to thrash, but not a mobile SMS. Though it costs you a few bucks and can be expensive in the longer run, its high open rate makes it worth investing in.

Statistics say SMS has an open rate of 98%. Hence, if your words have the power to convince people, and if you really have something wonderful to offer, you ultimately increase your chances of conversion.


We are in 2021 and the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. What’s new today will be a norm tomorrow. Today, mobile marketing is a great investment if you are looking to stand out in your industry. Whether you are selling a service or product, you need to invest in this area to expand your reach and boost conversions.

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