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Myths Related to Dry Fruits – Fruit of Afghan

Dry Fruits

Considered as a nutritious snack globally, abundant sunshine enabled dried fruits and nuts are the powerhouse of proteins, minerals as well as carbohydrates. These fat and salt-free food products provide dietary fiber and a range of essential micronutrients such as potassium, copper, manganese, iron as well as vitamins A, E, K. Being a carbohydrate food, dried fruits and nuts are higher in sugar and this concentration has given birth to some misconceptions.

Thus to clarify the myths that people nowadays have regarding dried fruits and nuts, we have written this article.

Misconceptions Related To Eating Dry Fruits and Nuts

Dry Fruits Contain High Level Of Sugar

Dried fruits and nuts are highly recommended by health experts because they are healthy as well as nutritious. But the evil lies in the way they are consumed. The level of sugars is high in small-sized dry fruits and nuts as they lack water content when shrunken in size. Also, the smaller serving value puts us in the temptation of overeating them. Thus to debunk this myth, you should avoid those dry fruits that contain oil as well as added sugars as they increase the risk of high sugar intake and obesity.

Fresh Fruits are Healthy As Compared to Dried Fruits and Nuts

People often believe that fresh fruits are healthy as compared to dried fruits and nuts. Studies have however revealed that dry fruits like prunes as well as Premium Afghani Dried Figs contain superior quality as well as a higher quantity of antioxidants. They are also a rich source of minerals and fibers. Thus dried fruits and nuts that are devoid of preservatives, as well as added sugar should be consumed daily for getting the best health benefits.  

Consuming Dried Fruits and Nuts Are Detrimental For Your Teeth

Another misconception related to dried fruits and nuts is that dried fruits that stick to the teeth can harm your oral health. On the other hand, dry fruits such as premium afghani red raisins provide dental health benefits that range from the encouragement of salivary flow through chewing to antimicrobial properties because of high polyphenol content. The presence of fiber acts as a catalyst for cleansing action.  

The Final Thought

The misinformation related to dried fruits and nuts can only be corrected with the help of consuming high-quality dry fruits and nuts. And if you are looking for such nuts, then go ahead and order them hassle free online from Fruit Of Afghan

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