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5 Easy Steps to Determine your Face Shape

About a few years ago, it wasn’t easy to convince any man to use some grooming products. Even they thought grooming is only for women. But now at that time, we can see that how men grooming sector gets much progress.

But we can see how much men are conscious of their grooming. Like in skincare of men, it isn’t easy to convince them on single products like soap or face wash. For their proper grooming now we see best face wash, night creams, eye creams, best serums, facial hair, or anti-ageing cream for men. and much more products that grooming industries are trying to launch for men.

Now in the style department to follow the latest fashions men are conscious about their face shape. The shape of their skull matters a lot to adopt any fashion. The hairstyles, beard styles, or other styles all look best when they follow according to their face shape because all fashions do not suit all types of faces.

So the men who are conscious about how they can determine their face shape should follow these steps. Through these 5 easy steps, they are easy can determine their face shape.

These steps are:

  1. The Right Tools
  2. Measure the Forehead
  3. Measure the Cheekbones
  4. Measure the Jawline
  5. Measure the Face Length


Step 1:

The Right Tools

The first thing that we need to determine our face shape is the selection of the right tools. We should have some right tools that will help to perfect determination. Sure we can see the tape measure that builders are using for measurements. Here we have to need this tape measure that we can put on our head and measure the face. So if we did not find this tape measure that builders used, don’t worry, we can also use that flexible tape measure that tailors are using.

After finding out one of these best tape measures that stand up in front of a mirror and take a notebook in front, taking measurements one by one as mention following and note carefully on the notebook.


Step 2:

Measure the Forehead

Before we start measurements, we should notice the first thing that all parts of our face. We should find which parts are short or long and which parts are of equal size. So after that, things notice keef them in minds.

After that, the first part of our face that we should measure first is our forehead. Indeed it’s one of the bug parts of our body so we should measure it first. This part usually between the hairline and eyebrows around halfway.


Step 3:

Measure the Cheekbones

After measuring properly, the second measurement that we should do is ou cheekbones. Especially important is the width of cheekbones. The sizes of cheekbones are necessary because when we want to pick any hairstyle, it matters a lot. So through getting wrong our cheekbones features, we throw our other features like ears proportion. So for a better hairstyle, we should know which type of hairstyle will suit us according to our cheekbones.

For better measurement of our cheekbones, we should place on the pointset part the tape measure of each eye below the outer corner. As shown in this figure. And after carefully measured note it in the notebook also.


Step 4:

Measure the Jawline

And after the third step, the part measurement we should do is jawlines. Jawlines measurement is also necessary.

And for measurements we must measure from the chin tip to below our ear; this is at that point where upwards our jaw angles. And of course these jaws we have on both sides of our face. So we should measures jaws on both sides of our faces. And then to find out the exact length of jawline these measurements that we get after both side jaws measurement multiply with two number. After multiple, we will get the exact measurements.


Step 5:

Measure the Face Length

At the last step, the most important thing that we should measure is our face length. Ever our face square or rectangular, we should find out that. But before this, we should know about the difference between these face shapes. Like in square and rectangular face shape, the only difference is two inches. Just with a difference of two inches, our face cut will be different from others.

So here is the question is how we can find out exactly face length. For this purpose, we should run our tape measure from the hairline centre to the chin tip. But there is some difficulty for those that have enough beard and are with bald heads. So they can measure at that point where would be their hairs before. In this way, they can estimate exactly face length.


How we can determine our Face Shape

After taking these measurements, then the most important thing in determining the face shape through these measurements, in all these measurements the large measurement we should remind this that will help in determining. And after that, put the measurement in front and compare it with these face shapes mentioned below. Through this, we easily find out our measurements which type of face shape relates more.

  1. Oval
  2. Square
  3. Oblong/rectangular
  4. Round
  5. Diamond
  6. Heart
  7. Triangular


if our face length is greater from cheekbones width measurements and our forehead is greater from the jawline measurements.  And the angle is rounded of jaws rather sharp then our face shape will be oval.


All measurements are similar as we find for oval shape except that the angle of jaws is sharp rather than rounded.


If the jawline’s size, cheekbones, or forehead similar and the face length measurements greater than our face shape will be rectangular.



Suppose the face length and cheekbones measurements are similar. And then jawline and forehead are larger, which also in the same measurements. And the jaws angle less defined and soft then our face shape will be round.


If the measurements of face lengths larger and the measurements of jawlines, forehead, or cheekbone smaller. And the pointed chin then our face shape will be diamond.


If the measurements of forehead greater than jawlines and cheekbones. And also pointed chin then our face shape will be the heart.




If the jawlines’ measurements are greater than measurements of cheekbones, and these measurements larger than measurements of the forehead. Then our face shape will be triangular.

As all men need to find out the exact shape of their face before copy any fashion or styles. So by following these easy steps, they can easily find out.

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