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History of cakes: When was the cake first made?

When we chase through the history of delicious cakes, we surely chase into a particularly passionate territory. For people, a cake represents important life moments such as weddings, birthdays, holidays, and more. From specific cake varieties such as chocolate cake, cheesecake, or the ever-popular fruit cake, you can get it all online today.

There are several services dedicated toonline cake delivery in Bhubaneswar. However, we rarely know the history behind it. Who does one need to thank for having introduced this amazing dessert to the world?

Baking is a particularly interesting craft that involves adding hints and bits of critical elements to create an exciting and tasty delicacy that is loved and adored by children and adults alike.

So, let us take a quick look at the history of cakes and discover the art of baking through it.

From Bread Going to Cake

According to food historians, baking has seen different methods morphing or overlapping over the years and hence incorporating new ideas or ingredients to the combination. As per the bread’s transition to a wholesome cake is concerned, it is particularly difficult to analyze when this flat and unleavened bread transitioned into a sweet and yeasty bread.

At some point, one might even argue that this availability of baking techniques & ingredients ranging through a certain period would have transitioned slowly or might have come together one fine day while making bread.

We know for sure that your early Egyptians were no doubt good bakes that created dessert bread that was sweetened with flavorful honey. The invention of cake actually began as an ingeniously modified bread item. However, there had been no particular distinction between cake and bread for quite some time.

Although fancy bread was created with a range of grains & different added ingredients such as seeds, dried fruits, & wine, this is why it was specifically served in the form of a sweet treat. So, the next time you opt for cake delivery in Bhubaneswar, do remember this fact.

The early cakes used to be dense yet flat. This is why baked desserts were very different back when we associate the same with the cakes today.

The Lump-Leaven Story

The texture of cakes that we know today comes with a tender and soft consistency. These aren’t some endearment terms, but the actual nature of cake description. In the right terms, a cake is actually a product with low-gluten that is way softer than your traditional bread while being spongier as compared to any biscuit.

The dough needs to be lightened uniformly by adding in a range of small bubbles to achieve the said consistency. This dough lightening is achieved by adding air with each kneading process with the help of the leaven.

The Romans were probably the first that perfected this art of adding yeast to the cake as a good leavening agent. Later at the start of the Italian 16th century, the makers developed another craftily leavening art without the addition of yeast. This was done by adding a good amount of whipped egg to the batter.

Both of these methods helped create a light cake. However, it was a particularly tricky concoction and time-consuming as well. In the mid of the 1800s, bakes started introducing bicarbonate soda and a baking powder to the mix. This helped create an airy and lightweight cake that helped create a mix that was consistent and quick to bake.

Today, the modern cake results from rigorous supply & demand that came for tasty, consistent, and airy-light cake. So, keep this in mind the next time you opt for online cake order in Bhubaneswar.

The rigorous availability of eggs, flour, spices, sugar, and fatwas is particularly important for the crucial development of the cake-making process. This was also true for the inclusion of desserts to the mealtime or the center spot in a multiple course meal that would involve incorporating a creamy and light cake.

Changes over Time

The inclusion of fresh, new ingredients completely changed the attitude one must have towards mealtime. Other aspects, such as geography and mealtime, contributed to the successful development of cakes as popular dessert items.

Even though cake baking tends to mark a critical event in one’s life, there isn’t any single event in our history that marked the invention of cake as a popular sweet dish. In case you are a cake admirer and lover, you would know that history doesn’t matter as long as the frosting and filling added to the same are just as great.


The next time you hear the word cake, make sure you are ready to party and enjoy that delicious and relishing cake while grooving to the music along with some tasty crunchies to accompany you. And do not forget to carry a gift basket with you to honor your host for serving you that delicious cake.

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